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Progressive-, Alternative-, Indie Rockband

Progressive Rock Band “RoR – Reflection of Reality”

Progressive Rock - spiced with Blues and Stoner. Some songs feature jazz harmonies and reggae themes across genres. That's what they say: Partly clean and clear riffs, then again dirty and gloomy - tonally, as well as lyrically, truly multifaceted. Profound lyrics, which
sometimes have the appearance of anti-meaning - RoR does not fit into a pigeonhole.
"RoR" is formed by 3 full-blood musicians that rock the stage.

Sometimes “RoR” performs without one of their drummers. In this case, Ruffy and Tobi play unplugged and spontaneously wherever it fits, when it fits.

In May 2021 “RoR” recorded eight new songs as live recording.
In June 2021 the band released a single titled Rocksong „PlaToDesPlaTon" . In August the second single "Nightmares" and October the concept album "Aeon's Dead Shadows"



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